The Lab

Everything happens in the ceramic workshop immersed in nature where Paola takes care of the creation of each object, safeguarding within the walls of her atelier the secrets of a technique that by nature eludes the rules.

A spontaneous connection brings together the poetic essence of her objects and the enchanting atmosphere of the Italian landscape.

Creative complicities, affinities and wonderful dissonances mingle in a micro-world that revolves around the magic of the artistic gesture.

With the natural clarity that she possesses, Paola teaches those around her respect for the earth and water of which her material is made, the sense of expectation, the importance of shared values.

The people who are part of her everyday life envelop Paola's work with a richness that has multiple nuances, above all feminine.

A free harmony, a mixture of different sensibilities that, even in this period of evolution and momentum in her work, is supported by skilful assistants and the presence of family affection.

All this is reflected in Paola's creativity, which, just as in her workshop, tells of a beauty that also knows how to indulge in labile balances, imperfections and asymmetries.

Paronetto's work from here takes its own path and is now distributed across the globe, contributing to making Italian style known throughout the world.

Paola follows with passion and concentration every stage of this journey of artwork, shapes and colours with a recognisable and unique artistic signature, and yet always evolving.