Pops of colour

In the June issue of Wallpaper appears a 5 pages feature on the vibrant collaboration with Veuve Clicquot, signed by Cristina Kiran Piotti.

Photography: Paola Dossi


Decor Palace

The beautiful jewelry brand Piaget worked with Paola’s ceramics to create an event around their new collection “Decor Palace”.  This collection is a work of art that consists of gold engraving, which gives special texture to the jewel.

Piaget wanted to present their collection to new clients by introducing them to the artisanal art of their artists. By choosing Paola’s ceramics, Piaget was able to create an event where the client could personalize the ceramic with gold leaves to get closer to the collection as Paola’s work is exactly the surface with the texture that “Décor Palace” offers.

In conclusion, Paola’s ceramic that have a distinctive structure combined with the gold leaves has become one with the “Decor Palace” collection and represents very well the fine art of Piaget and Paola.



From 14 to 23 June, the Maison Veuve Clicquot offered a unique experience of culinary pleasure in Munich's prestigious Schreiberei restaurant.

The imaginative and colourful La Grande Dame table was designed by Paola Paronetto for convivial and joyful moments with family and friends. 

Michelin-starred chef Tohru Nakamura created a special menu for the occasion inspired by Paola's work, nature and the maison’s prestige Cuvée La Grande Dame 2015.